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    Denture Stabilization

    For many people, traditional dentures can slip or slide around over time. When dentures don’t fit properly, it can make everyday tasks like chewing or speaking difficult. Fortunately, at United Implant, we can stabilize your existing dentures by fixing them in place using dental implants.

    You’ll first start with a comprehensive exam with an inspection of your current dentures to ensure it is in good condition to work well with implants. If determined that you’re eligible for implants, the procedure starts with the dentist placing implants in an arch. Next, the dentist will surgically implant a metal post through the gum line. Over the course of several weeks, this post will heal and fuse with the jawbone to create a reliable hold. The implants will retrofit to your dentures using snap-on attachments to provide stability.

    If you want to avoid the inconvenience that loose dentures cause, contact us for a consultation and we’ll answer all of your questions.

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