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    Dr. P’s Approach

    “Every patient is different and deserves to be treated individually. Therefore, the most important aspect of patient interaction in my office is caring for them as individuals.

    My philosophy of care revolves around a sense of responsibility towards our patients. Practicing for almost three decades, I understand and respect my patients’ emotions, whether they be fear, excitement, or nervousness. I also respect their expectations, whether their goal is a desire to chew or a new, confident smile.

    With an understanding of all of these factors, we start spending a lot of time with our patients and listening to the issues they are having. Our role in their care starts with giving them a picture of their oral health, with options and explanations for what can and cannot be done. After discussing the pros and cons of each option presented, it is up to individual patients to decide on the best treatment. We are here to guide them, help them, and follow through, but treatment decisions truly belong to the patient.

    Ultimately, it is always about our patients being satisfied and happy with their smiles and the functionality of teeth.”

    – Dr. Panjali