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    Teeth in a Day

    At United Implant Dentistry, we understand the importance of teeth. Accidents happen unexpectedly, and if you need a tooth in a hurry for a special occasion or even for general everyday needs—we have the solution for you.

    Teeth in a Day

    The All-on-4, or ‘Teeth in a Day’ makes it possible to have all of your teeth replaced in a single day. How does this work? This particular procedure is intended for patients who are either missing the majority of their teeth or will lose the majority of their teeth. With Teeth in a Day, any remaining teeth are extracted and replaced with a temporary bridge that is attached or screwed onto the dental implants. Our dentists typically place four to six dental implants strategically on the arch of your mouth for maximum support. This provides fully functioning teeth in one day. After the procedure, patients will have to wait four to 12 months for their implants to completely heal and stabilize. Once the implants have completely integrated, patients will be ready to receive their permanent set of teeth. Teeth in a Day can fully restore a healthy and happy smile.


    Ultratooth is the first FDA-cleared tooth-replacement system with full functionality on the same day as placement. Ultratooth is a special, expandable device incorporated into the dental implant which, on expansion, provides immediate and permanent stability. Now you can benefit from the most advanced method for replacing an individual tooth with our free-standing implant technology and leave the dental office with a new fully functioning tooth complete with an implant and crown placed in as little as 1 hour. Patients can eat regularly immediately after placement. This treatment eliminates the additional healing periods, costly surgeries, and avoids major bone and gum grafting due to loss that typically occurs after extractions. Ultratooth is one of the only implantable dental devices that has a positive thirty-year clinical history.

    Dr. Panjali is a certified provider and instructor for Ultratooth and Teeth in a Day. To learn more, call or schedule a free consultation today.

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