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    "By far the nicest dentist I have ever visited. Modern office and equipment with friendly, attentive staff who are dedicated to your needs. Patient education is a big focus, the doctor over there went out of his way to explain everything going on with my teeth. So happy to find this place!"

    - Lalu P.

    "I went to see Dr. Panjali about getting some teeth. After the procedure, I finally have teeth for the first time in a long time. I’m going to get used to them and be able to eat better! Now I can smile and not have to keep my mouth closed all the time. I want to thank Dr. Panjali and his team very much!"

    - Wayne S.
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    "I came to see Dr. Panjali and he kept me educated on what was going on and what I was going to need to have done. At all times I felt very supported and comforted by him and his staff. I had a surgery that was about 6-7 hours long and it went perfectly. Dr. Panjali was very supportive the entire time and it was a positive experience. I look forward to working with them for the rest of my life!"

    - Tammy N.
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    "I had a very unique case. I’d been to several different dentists that do implants and nobody could really help me. I almost gave up. My regular dentist referred me here and when I met Dr. Panjali, he said he could do something for me. I was really happy because nobody else could do what he has been able to do. I recommend him highly. He’s a lifesaver. I can’t say enough about what he’s done for me."

    - Laurie M.
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    "The doctor took his time to explain me everything I needed to know. And the place looks great! I would recommend it to everyone."

    - Charlotte K.

    "I felt very comfortable in the clinic, a nice staff, and pretty professional. I will back!"

    - Ian S.