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    Cosmetic Fillers

    Botox is a procedure that was developed to treat visual signs of aging by reducing or removing wrinkles and facial creases. Botox blocks signal from the nerves to the muscles so wrinkles can relax and soften. The procedure is considered a safe and effective way to treat aging skin, producing phenomenal improvements to your appearance. From horizontal forehead furrows, vertical lines between the eyebrows and “crow’s feet” around the eyes — Botox treatment is the best non-surgical form of facial rejuvenation.

    Reasons for Considering a Botox Treatment

    • Excessive facial wrinkles
    • Large wrinkles or furrows in your forehead
    • Small wrinkles or “crow’s feet” around your eyes
    • A vertical “frown line” between your eyebrows


    General Procedure

    A Botox treatment only takes a few minutes to perform and doesn’t require anesthesia. Before treatment, an anesthetic or numbing cream is applied to the skin. Then, Botox is injected with a fine needle into the specific muscles being focused on. Typically a small amount (1-2 cc’s) of Botox is injected into the area of the wrinkle. You should only experience minor discomfort. The muscles should relax and the skin should begin to smooth out. Botox can take 2-4 days before seeing full results. A botox treatment should last approximately three to six months after which the patient may choose to repeat the procedure.

    Recovery Process

    Patients can generally return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, they should follow these post-procedure guidelines as follows for a minimum of 4 hours after the injections.

    • Avoid engaging in heavy physical exercise
    • Avoid applying cosmetics
    • Avoid touching the injection area
    • Avoid laying down flat or on your face
    • No drinking
    • No blood thinners


    Dermal Fillers

    Dermal fillers are complementary procedures. They are not the same thing as Botox. While Botox is used to treat dynamic wrinkles, fillers are used for static wrinkles to add volume and fullness. The procedure is fairly similar to Botox where a fine needle is injected into a targeted area. Most patients should see immediate results following their filler treatment. However, it can take anywhere from 7-10 days to see the “final result,” as filler needs to fully settle and swelling needs to subside. Depending on the type of filler, fillers can last up to 6 months while others can last up to 2 years or longer. Fillers can correct and treat varying signs of aging. They may:

    • Increase volume in thin or thinning lips
    • Reduce or remove the shadow or wrinkle under the eyes caused by the lower eyelid
    • Fill in shallow areas on the face
    • Fill in or soften the look of recessed scars
    • Fill in or soften static wrinkles, notably on the lower face


    Common Dermal Fillers

    Juvederm (Ultra and Ultra Plus): FDA approved in June 2006, Juvederm treats mild to moderate facial creases (such as the parentheses on either side of your mouth). Juvederm also smoothes and softens the appearance of scars and other depressed areas and plumps and defines the lips. One treatment with Juvederm lasts up to one year.

    Radiesse: FDA approved in December 2006, Radiesse treats mild to moderate facial creases and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Comparable to Juvederm, a single treatment with Radiesse lasts up to one year.

    Restylane: FDA approved in December 2003, Restylane treats mild to moderate facial creases, replacing lost volume and smoothing wrinkles. This product is comparable to Juvederm and Radiesse, and one treatment lasts up to six months.

    Perlane (Restylane family): FDA approved in May 2007, Perlane treats moderate facial creases and is designed for deeper injection than Juvederm and traditional Restylane. One treatment with Perlane lasts at least six months.

    Sculptra: FDA approved in August 2004, Sculptra was originally intended to treat lipoatrophy (loss of facial fat) in HIV positive individuals. Our surgeons also use Sculptra on non-HIV individuals to add volume to facial features. One treatment of Sculptra should last about two years.

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